Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eco Spiritual Praying

The word "Prayer" is one of those words that came to me in such a limited and restricted fashion that as a young girl I was determined to stretch the walls that so many have placed around it, especially those who literally get a high from using it to flaunt their so-called relationship with "God".

So if I keep getting on my knees and praying to God will I enter the kingdom of heaven? I would often ask myself? It always seem like a one way street with no one else on the other side. Yet, as I grew I learned that the spirit of God is everywhere and I don't need to be on my knees to reach him or it. I also learned that the supreme being was not confined to wearing pants, certainly had no one skin color and was not beyond the clouds in the sky.

Time would reveal that my relationship with the divine could be as creative as I was capable of being. And this did not exclude my sex life for it soon unfolded as the playing field for creativity, creation and where God existed in the middle.

My day then became filled with magical moments of conversations with God. We met in restrooms where I lay my burdens down; in the middle of a test in school when I needed confirmation of an
answer; at crossroads of my travels when I received guidance in a strange land from familiar spirits; in those disappointing times when things didn't go my way or someone did not deliver; and even in my dreams where the great one appeared as a flower growing through the crack of a concrete surface.

God became truly infinite, bottomless, topless, endless. I learned that most times we talk too damn
much and need to listen more to the voices of the divine - for its voice shape shifts and can take on the look of anything that pulsates or the sound of thunder, the tweeting of a bird or the laughter of a child. And as my eco spiritual life began to shape and mold me into Earth's daughter I began to value and thank and bless all those who played a role in getting food on the table - from the earth that grew it to those who planted them, watered and nurtured them. I always thank those who picked them, transported them, packaged and delivered them, to the market that sold them. I acknowledge and thank all the players leaving no one out of my prayers.

Today I still enjoy and celebrate the dialogues between Great Spirit and I. And the creative
expressions between us is never ending. Taking prayers into my love making moments I bless the phallus that enters my sacred green womb garden and my lover bows down on his knees to pray before entering into the heaven that rests between my earthy legs.

So be it and it is so!

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