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How does your Venus call you?

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"Oshun, oh Oshun, I feel the brush of your sensual whisper against my chocolate skin, I feel you nudging me ever so gently to express you, to feed you. You want me to wear long wide flowing skirts, if any clothes at all). You like charm belts hanging between my waist and my hips; exotic jewelry from Africa, India, the Middle East and those made by my native American kin, dangling down my arms, hanging on the long sensual lines of my neck; you sometimes say sexy cast and cauldron corsets will warm your arms. You like me to wear feathery & sensually appealing earrings bordering my face; body candy that lace my hands and fingers and art that decorates my third eye. For the gateway of pleasure and creation, between my legs, you say let the light of the moon shine on your womb, while sexy trimmings of mother earth fall over my nipples and mount of Venus.

Oshun my female lover, you urge me to have peacocks sketched in henna above my ankles and Moroccan inspired designs along my hands and my arms awakening the purrs of the White Tigress in me. Within me is your flame of desire for cultural delights and the musical lyrics & melodies of exotic lands resounding through me as we bubble with flirtatious laughter while you talk and I listen & you listen as I talk. The whisk of ancient goddess temples filled with the fragrance of amber and Bulgarian rose that fills my nose, takes me back in time eras I once knew. Oshun you call me, I know you do because I desire to sense, feel, hear and taste you in everything I do. You are the sensual flame in me, the lightning bug within that LIGHTS UP the dark corners of the WORLD!!"~ Surya Devi

Who is Oshun, really? Herein I'll call her Venus because that is the title of this planet in the world of Astrology. But her essence goes by various names, like Aphrodite and Oshun. She's beyond sheer femininity, she's the queen of many of life's good things. She's the happy girl that finds the perfection in the eyes of her lovers as she stares into its mirrors; she's a sensuous drip of honey, a lusty carefree giggle. She's strings of pearls and a deliciously lazy afternoon just laying in the grass or creating the art of your heart. If you want to raise your inner Venus (Oshun) then walk your fingers across a silk satin sheet, sniff the fragrance of calla lilies or run a bubble bath with lavender blossoms floating on top, candlelight and stones lacing the tub with Sufism music playing in the background. Venus (Oshun) is wicked too, orgasmic and fun; she's graceful and artistic. She's the blend of sensuality and fertility of earth in her Taurus radiance. She's sweet harmony and a dancer on her toes in her aesthetic, airy Libra nature. You can hear her singing through wind chimes, or the morning songs of birds.

Venus (Oshun) is erotic by nature; she's both wild abandon and good taste. She's the goddess of Love that makes the wheels of sensual desires spin and the earth so pleasurable. So why is it that so many of you, like me, don't have such a good relationship with her? We each have our own different stories indicating deprivation or denial of her needs and expressions as she lives as an archetype or goddess within each of us. The Venus (Oshun) of today is hopelessly frustrated due to her opposing nature in us. In the west, Marilyn Monroe was an icon of Venus. Then there's Oprah, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Onassis, just to name a few! Each of these women are (were) beautiful and rich, yet they are (were) all poignantly unsatisfied. What they possess in money, status and beauty, they seem to lack in true love and personal happiness. Sounds familiar?

I have a flirtatious Venus in Sagittarius, I want to play around with my flirting partner, to be "friends first". I have a naturally friendly style that has often been mistaken for serious interest and in the end I attract unwanted Mars. My Venus yearns for adventure and the freedom from restrictions, she desires to travel and roam the earth like a gypsy, living a bohemian lifestyle. She's usually very lucky in love when she travels and is mesmerized by foreign men. She wants to go horseback riding (better yet, own one). Venus in me gets a kick out of laughing and making others laugh even with my dry sense of humor. Her nature in me is that which is spiritually inquisitive, actively questioning and seeking answers from nature and the higher realm. Finding (always) the chance to be teacher, but student alike.

One good thing on my side is my intuitive knowledge of Astrology. Isn't that what many run to astrologers for? Hoping for some happy, pleasing Venus news. In a chart she gives clues about your relationships and finances. The downside here is that people tend to go searching for ways in which a certain part of their chart, or inner self can serve them through knowledge or some prediction of the future. The irony to this is that one can find your Venus in your chart and also discover that it may not match who or how you are living or have been most of your life. This does not mean that your Venus is wrong, it means your Venus has not been expressed truthfully and authentically.

Astrologer, Dana Gerhardt asks, "What if the Venus placement actually suggests where we're meant to SERVE her interests, rather than the other way around? In ancient times when someone's life was going bad, the oracle's job was to identify which god or goddess had been offended and which offering would set things right. Most astrology books tell me that Venus in Sagittarius means I love freedom, sports, travel, foreign land and people, philosophy and big ideas, oh, and I love in a big way. But it would certainly be more interesting if they said not "what I am like" but rather "WHAT I NEED TO DO" to appease the goddess of Venus (Oshun) in me. Until then its all potential and desire for Venusian pleasure and for many theirs may very well remain a sleeping beauty on a thorny bed. Can astrology bring the magic kiss of a King that will awaken the Venus in many more women as well as the collective Venus (Oshun) spirit for all women? You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink. It's up to YOU!

As with all of life, there again are dualities and as much as Venus is all about beauty, pleasure, money and the sensual delights of living and the abundance of the earth, she also has a dark side. Let us begin by acknowledging the stain that 2,000 years of Christianity have spilled on Venus' erotic free-for-all. Most of us discover our erotic feelings during our youth, alone and in secret. Not able to share than with any one forever suffocates our sexuality with a certain uneasiness and shame. We are constantly taught about the methods and values of work and earning money but little is ever said about the skills and importance of pleasure. Add in the the legacy of celibacy and courtly love combined with our contemporary notions of romance, we've lost touch with the true desire and expressions of the Venus archetype as it personally and uniquely dwells within each of us. With Venus stained and pushed in to our dirty cloths basket and no temples to honor her, such neglect has left her a pretty mad and dissatisfied maiden or shall I say bitch.

Psychologist James Hillman in "Pink Madness" describes a pissed off Venus as such. He thinks that she is angry. And I concur with that. She is very hard to find these days with women taking the masculine role and needing to control and prove their worth while neglecting their own sensual pleasures and needs. Venus (Oshun) is hard to find because women dress in contrast to their nature and are busy or too tired to soak in their own bath tubs or cook a nurturing meal in their own home. Some women rarely see nor spend time with their children because they are busy winning the bread and investing their energies in building corporate America or someone else's dream. This goddess of sexuality expects us to recognize that sex is a sacred and soulful force. She is calling us to ignite and unite with her divine spark to become instruments of pleasure. But how can a mother of 3 or a cosmopolitan female executive's home smell and reflect as her very own sensual domain when her playground is in the board room?

Venus is asking us to annihilate boredom and fatigue with heavenly delights and joy - to taste, smell, heat and touch the richness of the earth and the beauty of the world. She wants us to know that ecstatic communion with the divine life force during sacred sex will make us feel healed and whole. Then our lives and all that we encounter will be blessed with the Venusian laughter, sparkle and grace. Sadly when we minimize her gifts, seclude it, sneak it or shun it and feel guilty about it, we have grossly scorned and dishonored her place and power in the bigger framework of our lives. Then she is a goddess out for revenge and Venus does this through a "pink madness", says Hillman.

"I shall invade every nook of the contemporary world that has refused me so long with a pink madness. I shall pornographize your cars and food, your ads and vacations, your books and films, your schools and your families. I'll get into your T-shirts and underwear, even into your diapers, into teenie boppers, their slogans and songs, and into the old ladies and gents in retirement colonies on walkers in San Diego and Miami Beach. I'll show you by showing, until your minds are fuzzed pink with romantic desires, with longings to get away - tryst, nests, sweets. That is, the civilization will be crazed to get into my preserve, my secret garden. I will excite your entire culture so that even those attempting to cure their neuroses, as well as their sober psychoanalysts will have nothing better to talk about than desire, jouissance, seductions, incest, molestations, and the gaze into the mirror."

Venus is an obligation to living! No matter where she is placed in your chart, you need to answer her questions. Do you make that particular part of your life beautiful? Do you offer her time for sensuous experiences and simple pleasures? Do you allow yourself to let go, open up and surrender? Do you laugh? Do you appreciate? Do you play? Do you bring joy to others through your own? Play it cool for too long, then your passion fades and disappears and you wonder what happened to your life? Venus says, "Rev up the FIRE!" You may get into trouble; maybe you'll even start a war as she was known for starting the Trojan War in Greek Mythology. She's also known as Orisha Oshun in the African world. Life would not be the same, nor would it be quite as safe. But then, without your Venus or Oshun, would it really be much of a life?

The Eco Goddess Temple

Note from Surya:

I have been pursing and studying the field and energies of Astrology for well over 20 years. I continue to deepen my studies of Astrology, enhance my intuitive skills and learn how to make peace with the planets (the deities) as they exist in me. I am learning what it means to give them offerings as we do in the African traditions and how to create rituals around them. The Eco Goddess Temple is the space in which I am cultivating love and bringing each of the planets alive. I create talismans and symbols for each of them. My son is one of my Venus creations. He has a triple Venus ruled-planet of Taurus and although I have a Capricorn sun, Venus is my ruling planet. If you are interested in finding out your Venus placement and lighting up your VENUSIAN fire, email me: Better yet, join the Eco Goddess New Moon Circle (Wed, Oct. 26th @ 9pm) - we'll be glowing our moon and lighting up our Venus there!

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