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The "Support and Rush Out" Point

"Support and Rush Out"
is a strong acupuncture point of "letting Go". This is a small part of the branch of Classical Five Element Acupuncture within the magical world of Chinese Medicine. I used to enjoy learning about the various meridian points in the body during my acupuncture sessions with acupuncturists that I worked with over the years. My favorite was a native Chinese woman, Dr. Lu, who's father was an acupuncturist where she grew up immerse in such an environment. My visits with Dr. Lu were both healing and educational. I asked questions as though I was in a classroom. And I didn't know the name of many points in my body but I knew when she needed to stick one of those really fine needles in there. I always looked forward to tuning up my body. Plus she would follow the needle treatments with an invigorating acupressure massage that got my energies circulating nicely. I particularly love the enchanting, poetic names chosen to describe each meridian point, such as "Window of Heaven", "Union Valley", "Inner Pass", to name a few. These names are titles and symbols that stimulate images and draw you to a doorway that greets you with stories that unfold and speak of the condition of the world within. These gateway points took me into the deep mysteries that lie within the frame of my own mind/body, making healing a truly adventurous and spirited journey.

The "Support and Rush Out" point is found at the colon 18 point and corresponds with the Autumn season and the element of metal. This acupuncture point works for a patient who has been unable to "let go" for a long time; for one who feels it's almost normal to collect more and more garbage. To let go is a frightening prospect-what will be left? But when the trees let go of the past year's leaves, nature has something new in store. The end of one cycle gives rise to the next. As we let go of what we thought was ourself-physical waste, old habits, beliefs, assumptions, and identifications-we are supported by a new vision of who we are without all that old "stuff." Sometimes we can't let go little by little. We may be too stuck. We may need to let it rush out, supported by a new and clearer vision of our true selves, the inner treasure. At the right time, then, this acupuncture point, "Support and Rush Out," and no other, may be the one to turn the course of disease.

"Welcome Fragrance"
is another point for the colon. What images does this evoke? Such a befitting name. This colon meridian ends just to the side of the nose. Having let go of the old and stale, our first breath of pure new inspiration will be a welcome fragrance. When our Lungs and Colon function as nature ordained they should in our body/mind/spirit, then simply living our lives through the highs and lows, through sunshine and dark clouds-every moment, every new experience-can in its own way be a treasure, a Welcome Fragrance.

Large Intestine - Metal Element Correspondences

Color - White
Flavor - Pungent
Sense - Nose
Emotion - Sadness
Tissue - Skin
Climate - Dryness
Sounds - Crying
Odor - Rotting
Season - Autumn
Direction - West

Suggestions for living in harmony with the autumn season:

* Go through your closet, desk, garage, medicine cabinet - any cluttered storage area-and discard what you no longer need. Then donate, sell, or otherwise circulate what might be of value to others.

* Do a mental inventory: Examine attitudes (prejudices, envies, hatreds, jealousies, resentments) stored within your psyche. When possible, contact those with whom you harbor old "stuff." Attempt to resolve the hurtful old issues, and then let them go.

* For issues you cannot resolve directly with others, or for old issues with yourself, write them on paper, being as specific as possible. Then burn the paper, symbolically releasing the content.

* Take time each day to breathe slowly and deeply. As you inhale the clean autumn air, feel yourself energized and purified. Feel the old negativity, impurity, and pain leave your body and psyche. Then contemplate briefly who you are without these identifications.

It's no wonder Autumn is broom time!
The witches have a lot to teach us about the power of her broom and this season!

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