Monday, October 17, 2011

The Power of 7

How many of you are into Numerology or have an interest? Do you know your Personal Number? Do you know what Numerological Year you're currently in? And are you vibrating with it? I know what year I am in and it's been quite an interesting one. So used to being a social butterfly and travel bug, this year I have been glued in place. Now that we are nearing the end of the year I am beginning to feel the shift from Yin to Yang.

I am in my 7 year - which says.... "Book a room in your favorite monastery and reflect, review and renew. This is a relatively quiet and introspective year, an important pause before the more hectic "eight" year ahead (the peak of this cycle). Enjoy its slower pace. Eat well. Rest well. Recognize what you've outgrown and say the proper eulogies. Keep polishing your skills. And become very clear about your definition of success. Visualize yourself achieving it. Let your imagination (and careful work) lay the tracks for next year's manifestation."

Damn it! I couldn't have described it any better. Many are wondering ... where is she. Some will never see me again. And although I have The Eco Goddess Temple page on facebook, ironically it turns out that I have no access to anyone I know. I may see their page through a google search or when I click on a name but can not comment nor leave a message. From where I sit.. there is absolutely no search capacity on our facebook page. (I don't think that's normal but I don't care.) It would be exhausting trying to ask facebook to please reconvert my personal page back to a profile page like most humans that have one. I've sent 3 or 4 request but never heard back so that page is no different in its current function. I don't not find tweeting practical and for the life in me, I have no energy to splurge on other social networks. I'm just not there! An anti-social eco chick! Funny how the universe and the chain of events conspire on behalf of our higher good. I am where I need to be and no where else. And I am now beginning to plunge even deeper into the darkness now that it is that Season of "letting go" and the dawn of winter cold is almost at my door. If you need to find me you'll need to join me in the other world where there's no up or down, no in or out, no top or bottom, no noise or drama.... an infinite space in an infinite time. See you there! :-)

Or you'll find me blogging every now and then right here. The writer in me just can't get enough. I better keep writing my book. If you haven't completed the Sex Life Survey yet, please do so now. I am working on giving away a round trip ticket someplace - since I am not traveling as yet, I'd like to see someone else go!! <3 <3 <3

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