Sunday, October 2, 2011

TEARS: The Natural Path of Cleansing!

Tears cleanse our hearts and heals the waters of our wombs.
- Angelique Shofar

Four of us have embarked upon a journey of cleansing together. And yesterday marked the first day of our 3 day ease into a 10 day Master Cleanse.  We are carving out a 3 day ease in and a 3 day ease out after the 10 day cleanse. My 1st day began with the element of water and the power it holds in cleansing our minds, hearts and bodies through the natural process and necessity of shedding tears.

Easing in and easing out of a fast or cleanse are of equal important since I strongly believe that preparing for a cleanse entails readying ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually and not just food wise. I see the ease in period as a way to begin to be still, look deep within, commune and connect with oneself while communicating with our inner child to gently hold its hands and walk into the cleanse together. This part of our being  - our inner child - will challenge us the most.  It is that part of us that craves, that finds excuses, that pulls you into habits and detrimental patterns, that part of us that kicks and screams and resists change. In addition, creating and clarifying our intentions and goals are paramount and sometimes this can require more time than not.

The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep.  
~Henry Maudsley

The first day was a day filled with tearful moments, moments of emotional outbursts and breakdowns. The last of which took place moments before closing my eyes to go to sleep. I sat in bed writing and bringing light to my own dark shadows. With each pen stroke, the dark corners lit up as I began to see more of me that I could not see in the past.  I began to understand the many ways in which I have dishonored and mistreated my self and deprived my own self of love based on the choices I had made. From not sleeping when I am sleepy, eating when I am not hungry - but rather stuffing my emotions down so I won't feel them; turning down opportunities because I could not see beyond what looked like nothing; being to busy to stop and cry; not listening to the voice of my heart because it got drowned in the dark waters of my inner being.

I was swimming in the darkness of my being last night and it was painful, it hurt so much as the dark memories I'd rather not remember or those in which my inner self had cleverly locked up were now pouring out, spilling on to the pages of my notepad. As the tears streamed down my face, I began to become aware of the increasing relief from the power of tears that cracked me open and allowed energy to flow once again. I could feel my head, my neck, my shoulders, my chest begin to melt as the weight I carried shift and lift gradually making me feel lighter in heart, mind and body. It brought moments of magical relief as my tears began to set the inner cleanse in motion.  These tears that came brought about a revelation that was an initiation into this journey of cleansing....beginning with my heart.

Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right - instantly.  
~Sam Slick (Thomas Chandler Haliburton)

Today - Sunday - is day 2 and I am gaining deeper clarity and guidance on what I NEED from this cleanse; my vision is still shaping and becoming clearer and I trust that by Tuesday morning, I'll be as ready as I need to be.

On this day, I attended a spiritual service that blazed the light brighter in my heart. As I write this post, the song is still playing in my mind... "Ashe, Ashe! My life is a good life! Ashe, Ashe! My life is a good life! The leader read a few words written by one of the members. Interestingly, he gave an analogy of the fictional character we all know as  "Pinocchio" who with each lie his nose grew longer and longer.

We all know the story. He said that humans can be like Pinocchio. The results of lying to ourselves appear through the symptoms of being tired all the time, having no energy to do anything, confusion, uncertainty, etc. I recognized myself in that. I too had lied to myself, denied my wholeness, hid my divineness, covered my true self in all kinds of rubbish! It was not long ago that I was one of those people crying every day... I am so  tired, I am so weary, I have no energy....until I began to realize that if I am healthy and nothing is physically wrong with me that it must be coming from a deeper place.

So I began to focus on my center of creation - my yoni, my vagina, my womb. If I was going to recreate a new life, a new me, then I had to begin at the sacred spot in which I came through and in which I created my child. I began to discover that I was loosing all my energy, all my power from this divine space between my legs. I wasn't loosing energy from  having sex. On the contrary, I was loosing power from not using and building the muscles that I carry in that sacred space. They say when you don't use it.... you loose it.  No different than the heart muscles.

 by Eva Waldauf

"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again."  - Alex Tan

I began to consistently cultivate a daily practice of descending into my sacred womb space, strengthening, honoring and loving my creative center. I began to understand more and more that until I access my womb heart in a deeper way than I would only be living superficially, from the surface and a place of untruth. I soon re-discovered and re-membered that the ultimate truth could be accessed through the gateways where my yoni lies and deep in between my legs, "down there" where most all the world beginning with our parents and outward into the limbs of society have mustered up a range of untruths, experiments, fictitious myths, horrible stories and a darkness that we still live in. We have been erroneously programmed by medical and religious institutions alike and have developed detrimental habits of lies as a result that deters us, scares us, hides and conceals us from the secret door way to life and wisdom. This is the sweet spot of the universe where divine powers or great magnificence leads us back to our true god and goddess nature.

Today, my energies are increasing more and more and I am amazed and in awe over the power of my womb heart. At mid-life my ignition has been jump started; I am feeling youthful, alive and connected with my womb more than ever before. The beauty of green womb living is growing like the tree of life inside of me.

This cleanse is a step up the path of love. For love is the ultimate medicine; love is that which surfaces when the toxin, the dirt has been cleansed and cleared away by the waters of our tears.  The beauty is in the journey and not the mad rush to arrive someplace or to have an orgasm. As long as I am still breathing, still alive, there is definitely more to learn, more to feel, more to experience and more to share in the spirit of love.

Every one that embarks upon a journey of cleansing would benefit from integrating crying with their cleanse - be you man or woman. Tears are a necessary part of being fully alive; they are the domain of the divine feminine. In order for a woman to come into her womb power and her true goddess spirit she must allow her self to cry regularly, while men will never truly know and relate with wombyn or understand the power of the divine feminine until they honor their own tears and the need to shed them.
~  The Eco Goddess (Angelique Shofar)

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.   
~Isak Dinesen

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