Friday, September 23, 2011

Balancing Acts

Autumnal Equinox
by Caryl Bryer Fallert

At around 5:05am this morning, the Sun entered the balancing air sign of Libra. I woke up around 1:45am, 3 hours early wondering why I had awakened at such an ungodly hour.  It was the intensity of the moon and sun, the earth and sky pulling towards each other. I was feeling it. And I was fighting it.  Restless, toiling and rolling then remembering to breathe, I soon drifted back into the other world.

True balance and harmony integrates both the light and the dark.  Staring into the blazing fire during my agnihotra meditation, I sat hearing the words, a whisper from the spirit of the autumn equinox asking that both the light and the dark aspects of my being be accepted equally. No exception, only total acceptance. Being comfortable with the everything I am; learning to value even those parts of me I learned to deny.  It's so easy to go into a blah blah state about balance and the light, and when it comes to the darkness we freeze up, tense up and avoid it at all costs. I'm guilty as s_it! (Yep, take a seat!)

With a parade of planets either already in Libra or making their way there I don't think any of us can avoid our dark side, the parts of us that stay hidden in our blind spots or curled up in a dark corner inside.  The ones that are starving from not being allowed in the living room, but shoved in the corner of the closet for what seem like an eternity.  The dance in Libra is hitting my 1st house. I wonder where it's happening for you? As for me I being challenged because I am already in the midst of my 7 numerology year; I haven't been much of a social butterfly, nor have I had the usual public appearances or hung out at any of the spots I used to.  I have been behind the scenes studying, learning, growing painfully and working diligently on finishing my book, completing other projects, reorganizing and refreshing my business and taking care of my family. Now all this song and dance where its' been quiet.

With the Sun, Venus and Saturn already sipping cocktails in my first house waiting for Mercury to join them on the 25th of this month while the moon will stop by for a brief visit in on the party on Tuesday, the 27th.  I had better prepare myself to host all these guests that are all professors out to school me (and you). Imagine having a cluster of teachers in a classroom teaching you all at the same time. What an accelerated learning camp!

The first house rules overall vitality, your height, your weight, the shape of your jaw, the expectations you have of beginnings, how you interact with others, your overall approach to life. The 1st house holds first impressions -- the ones you make on the world, and the ones the world makes on you, according to Astrologer Dana Gerhardt. Now I have this growing feeling that somehow I am being asked to come out from behind the pole a little bit to mingle with others. To do my own balancing act. Then it's no coincident that I am getting my newsletter out after so many years.

The Balancing Act

RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE and even how we earn money are key right now. We are all getting a visit from the Goddess of Love somewhere in our lives now that Venus is in her home sign Libra. She's calling us to align with our hearts and not our egos.

I love how life brings us the people and relationships that we need to learn the lessons we need to learn to be more of who we are, to be greater. My girlfriend Jeneba called me yesterday to ask me about a woman who called accusing her of being with "her man" - the "man" who happens to be married to a friend of Jeneba's. What a joke & entanglement.  During our conversation I asked her how her new Cancer boyfriend was coming along. "He's so emotional! Other than that he's giving and showing me a lot that I never had before." I laughed out loud and said, "It's time for emotional balance." When a Cancer man enters your womb and your life you had better know it's very much about emotions- about bringing your dark hidden ones into the light. He will make sure of that because he hides not his own (light & dark) and knows how to bring yours out of you. I also told her it's also about you reflecting on your role as a mother. Cancer is the most mothering, family sign. As I began to tell her ... "speaking of motherhood I've been wanting to chat with you about that but have been waiting to see you and the right time.  My phone suddenly, and I mean out of nowhere snapped, powered off all by itself. KA BAM!! An energetic BARRACADE! I knew that I needed to leave that alone for now.

Libra is the universal symbol of close one-on-one relationships. How well are you allowing your heart to open with those individuals you relate to?  How honestly are you allowing your true self to shine in those relationships? What issues of equality (Libra) and conversations needs to take place and be addressed here? Have you allowed things to go unspoken or discussed until now? Is it time to let go of people in your life because the time has come to move on to where they cannot follow?

Now is the time to reflect on that which has taken place since the Spring Equinox and ask yourself: Am I truly heading toward my heart's desire or am I still caught up in my head and allowing others to dictate who I am and what I do with my life? Even while in close relationship with others we cannot give up our goals and dreams just because we are caught up in a pattern of trying to please others.

Think about all you have undergone since the March Vernal Equinox and ask yourself this: Am I truly heading toward my heart's desire or am I still allowing others to dictate where I am and what I do for my life? We can still be in close relationships with others; however, we cannot give up our goals and dreams just because we have known one another for decades. The past is no longer an excuse that works anymore. It is an Ego trick to keep us from moving forward as our Soul wants us to.

Take a good heartfelt look at the obstacles and excuses your Ego is putting in front of you for not wanting to break free of the habits or history of the past. Uranus (which is retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries in my house of relationships - have mercy on me!) will ensure it happens whether or not we decide to first do so. Did I tell you that while the party is going on with Libra, Uranus is opposing the party? The North Node is now at 17 degrees of Sagittarius 51 minutes, still wanting us to take stock on top of our little mole hill, looking back to where we have been, where we are right now, and what beckons us on.

Do you have the courage and Faith and Trust to follow your heart's desire?

Feel your way forward, honor your emotions, especially EGO's fears and anger about change and moving forward, take assertive action, and be prepared for the sudden changes that come from letting go of the old and outmoded past. It's time to choose once and for all WHERE you want to be come Saturday. And remember this...... if you don't make your intentions clear, someone or something else will do it for you (and most likely not in the way you originally intended).

Let your old leaves fall....... HAPPY FALL EQUINOX!!!

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