Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have An Eco-Sensual Earth Day!

Eco-Sensual means living in tune with the earth and her rhythms. Living eco-sensually helps develop a growing eco-conscious synchronicity with the rich spirit, the beauty, the pleasure and the unlimited material resources that Earth Mother freely offers us. Prayerful words of thanks and appreciation as we step out of bed and make that first soul connection with the soles of our feet allows us to be confident and secure in her supporting role. Preparing meals with gratitude and love for her feedings raises the vibrations of the food and facilitates greater health and sensual awareness.

At the Eco-Goddess Temple we are committed to honoring, respecting and nurturing our relationship with Mother Earth! This Earth Day 2012, we give her extra love, care and attention and count the many blessings derived from her; and this translates to every single thing. It's worth mentioning that the last two days, I've chosen the spirit of MAWU ~ Mother Earth ~ during my daily sunrise meditation (agnihotra) and goddess oracle readings and reflections. The message and promise to all is:

"There's no greater cause than giving back to your mother; and rekindling a friendship with the soil, air and water. The earth is the life force for material life, and there's no sense in continuing a downward spiral of dirtying the planet with further pollution. Your contribution is necessary, no matter how small. You make a huge difference in this planet's welfare through small and simple changes in how you operate. It's worth it, believe me, and I will help you accomplish this goal in all ways."

Image by Surya
An altar @ The Eco-Goddess Temple

Here are ways you can create an eco-sensual Earth Day:

1. Begin by unplugging from the artificial and plugging into the natural. Time spent around electronic devices – answering emails, watching television, talking on my cell phone, and staring at a computer screen all seem to inhibit our ability to sense energetic vibrations and to tap into the sensory of her timely waves. This is a perfect day to make this sacrifice for the well being of our planet and its inhabitants. Unplugging from technology and plugging into the earth is a powerful way to reacquaint ourselves with our sensual nature. Walking barefooted on the earth is an excellent way to plug in and get grounded.

2. Go on a Date with the Earth! To make this happen you must first visualize the Earth as a living entity, a body pulsating with life, having a consciousness, with expanded senses, well endowed sexual energies and a deep intelligence. What a sexy partner! Now use your imagination and find ways you can spend quality time with her. Laying on her body is a great way to become more intimate with her or if weather disagrees bring her to you. Rub her all over your body. Hug and kiss a tree. Clean the leaves of your plants one by one and have a conversation with them in the process. Hang a gift on the branch of a tree or leave one with with your lover earth. Give her something you've created or make a sacrifice. Before my son was born, his dad found a diamond stone and gave it to me. After the birth of our son, I gave the diamond back to the earth.

Image by Surya @ The Eco-Goddess Temple

3. Take a sensuous approach to gardening. Gardening engages all our senses more than any other human culture. The very act of gardening - of shouldering our tools, digging into the soil, tenderly planting, pruning and picking - requires a sensuous relationship with nature grounded intimately in touch, taste, sound, sight and smell. And this eco-sensual activity can be quite soothing to the nerves, uplifting to the sensual soul and a perfect celebration of the human senses as it is fed by Mother Earth. Garden sensually!

4. Do a Green Womb Earth Ritual. Create a womb shrine to honor! From the womb of the earth to the tomb of the earth's womb, we come and go. Earth Day is is a favorable day to honor our deceased children who did not make their complete journey through the womb (for whatever reason), as well as those who were returned to the earth and we can make way to welcome the ones that will be birthed this year. You can create a womb shrine outdoors or inside. Joining with other wombyn is even more powerful. Each can place the child's personal items like footies, blankets or other symbols of the deceased child(ren). Keep a candle burning all day to help soothe and light up the path for the souls of the dear departed children who have returned to Earth Mother.

Have a earth sexy and eco-sensual Earth Day!

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali

** MAWU is the West African moon goddess who's believed to have created all life with her husband the sun god, Liza. Mawu helps those who call upon her to learn how to live in harmony with nature, and to respect its resources. She ensures that our needs are abundantly supplied without causing harm to the planet.

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