Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Ways to Navigate the Cosmic Waters of Neptune!!


Neptune is an elusive, subtle planet of transformation which dissolves attitudes and behavior patterns of the past as it transits planets in our individual charts. Neptune is one of the most difficult planetary influences to handle. It causes life to become confusing and unclear, and under its influence people often believe what is not true. At the same time, it also has an ego-denying influence, which may make you feel discouraged, futile, undeserving and unworthy, or it can lead you to perform great acts of selflessness and self-martyrdom, says Astrologer Robert Hand.

Neptune is the higher octave and mother of Venus - the planet of love and beauty. She represents unconditional love and ecstasy. She's currently sitting on my natal Saturn in the 5th house which highlights self-expression, romantic relationships, sex & children, making me seek a sexual union that is a spiritual one. Have no fear she" says, your wish is my command! As well, she's stimulating my artistic creativity and drawing me to be with the healing waters of the earth while reminding me of my own oceanic and home birth at the edge of the Atlanta Ocean.

With that established, we are all going to need help navigating her cosmic waters and moving through her pink smoke during this transit. So here are 10 tools to help us during this retrograde transit that began June 4th, 2012 and goes direct in Pisces on November 11th, 2012.

1. Think - HIGHER LOVE! In fact, sing the words to Steve Winword's "Higher Love" to remind you. If you don't have the song, check out Youtube or the music sites.

2. Be in the fog. Don't fight it. While in the fog, become the fog. Imagine your body as fog, feel the amazing dissipation and melting of your physical body. For a time, we are not likely to be able to operate clearly or productively in the old ways in which we expressed this planet. Neptune will be eroding this old expression, withdrawing energy from it and using that energy to prepare us subconsciously for new means of expression. Trust your subconscious and give it time to prepare for the next stage in your development. As Tracy Marks says, "We need to understand fully that we are in a time of transition, vacationing upon an island in the midst of Neptunian waters, as our energy is being reprocessed to prepare for a future period of greater fulfillment where Neptune is dominant in our lives.

3. Clear the waters of your body. Nurturing and unblocking our bodies is very important. The womb and the male sexual organs need replenishment. Drink plenty of water. Add lemon to give it a citrus boost for a deeper cleansing effect. The womb is the most acidic part of a woman's body. Lemon water will keep it balanced. A sensual or therapeutic massage can help the waters of the body flowing smoothly. Our minds become clouded when we spend too much time in mental realms due to physical blockages. When the waters of our body are clear and flowing, our emotions are able to do likewise.

4. Swim! Visit the beach or other bodies of running waters. And definitely take healing baths in the comfort of your home and with others. I highly recommend, Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around the World, by Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein. Another suggestion is to take color baths. Use natural food coloring to create colors such as blue which is Neptunian and oceanic or make it green for healing the heart chakra. And don't forget the kids, they will love it and look forward to taking their baths.

5. Practice forgiving yourself and developing self-compassion. This is the springboard for forgiving others. Begin with self. Neptune is the higher vibration of love and compassion. In her heart opening state, the pains and sensitivities of the past can wash over us, transcend our desires and needs taking us into a blissful state of inner peace and oneness with all.

6. Anchor yourself in your womb-heart. Shift out of the mind and into the space in which your womb and heart envelops and where water and fire meet. It's much easier for men to be in their sexual center, so here's a little push for the wombmyn who struggle. After all, the mind can easily deceive and trick you. During this Neptune transit it is more prone to playing tricks on you. The heart, however, will never lie or deceive you. Learn how to listen to and understand its language.

7. Fill your life with Music! Listen to music that stimulates your heart chakra. Soft, soothing, meditation music puts you in touch with your feelings. Massage your heart with music, let it move you into a trance. Choose the tunes that awaken your heart, arouses your sensuality and transports you. Let your intuitive wisdom come alive!

8. Take naps! Go to bed early. Dream! Neptune is about the sleep world where our subconscious self travels to dimensions outside the earthly realm. Sleep helps mend the threads of our soul. Pay more attention to your dreams and what they say, the stories they tell you, the answers they give about you and your life. A great place to begin making your dreams come true. Record your dreams. Keep a sleep journal right next to your bed.

9. Awaken your creativity! Regain contact with your inner child. Spontaneity, playfulness and creativity is possessed by this part of ourselves; it's the pathway to awakening to who we truly are. Dance, painting, poetry, photography are effective means of centering and channeling the energies of a Neptune transit, as well as experiencing the more celestial realms of the spirit of this planet.

10. Meditate! The inner realm and abstract dimensions are our sources of inspiration. Neptune dissolves all forms and structures and take you into the center of your being to discover the capabilities and power of our intuition and inner guidance. Only if you allow her to!

An astronaut is standing on the edge of a lake of liquid methane at the bottom of a large impact crater. Exploring the moon of a distant gaseous planet is a lonely and dangerous calling for a lone space traveler.

NEPTUNE is the eighth planet from the Sun in our solar system. It has 13 moons, the largest of which is named Triton. The other moons are: Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Nereid, Halimede, Sao, Laomedeia, Neso, and Psamathe.

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